by Danny Barley | 10:28 am

Red Tea Detox Review – Is It All Cracked Up To Be As It’s Claimed

We’ve all heard that drinking green tea burns more belly fat than anything else on the market today, but Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller has created an incredible program called the “Red Tea Detox.” This

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by Danny Barley | 9:25 am

Americans Are Raving About The New Fat Decimator System

Americans Rave Over The New Fat Decimator System I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’ve tried every diet, every weight loss product, and every exercise program out there. I’ve run and

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by Danny Barley | 11:19 pm

Amazing Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 50

The Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat For Women Over 50 I woke up this morning, rolled over to look at the clock on my nightstand and saw that it was 2:30 a.m. A

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by Danny Barley | 11:53 am

Weight Loss Tips For Seniors

Weight Loss Tips For Seniors I don’t know about you, but we are all headed there! Some may ask, “headed where?” We are all headed to “old-age-ville.” When my time comes, I don’t want

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by Danny Barley | 11:35 am

The Health Dangers of Belly Fat

Hello, do you have too much belly fat? Everyone knows someone who has too much belly fat. No matter what belly fat is called; a spare tire, a pot-belly or a beer belly, it’s

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by Danny Barley | 11:35 am

Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Can you believe it? People spend billions of dollars on diet books, the latest diet crazes, miracle diet drugs, and different medical procedures that help people get rid of fat. Isn’t it ridiculous? These

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by Danny Barley | 2:36 pm

5 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever been on a diet? Have you ever been successful at weight loss? I imagine most of your friends, like my friends, have given you tips for successful weight loss. But have

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by Danny Barley | 2:10 pm

Obesity – A Growing National Epidemic

Obesity – A Growing National Epidemic Have you ever been told by your doctor that you were obese? Has anyone ever called you “Fat?” It hurts, doesn’t it? I remember in 1995 when my

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A Warm Welcome Hey, and welcome to my website, A Weight Loss Story. My name is Danny. Are you overweight or have you ever struggled to lose weight? Do you know someone who needs

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